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  1. Advanced Dental Enhanced Infection Control Protocols

    A Message from Advanced Dental Training and Educating Our Team Our team has had refresher training in proper hand washing techniques. This may seem basic;…

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  2. Deliberate Choices

    In his seminal work, Mere Christianity, author C. S. Lewis discusses the idea that each decision we make changes us. It turns us closer to…

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  3. First Visit Test

    For New Patients: We are excited about having the opportunity to welcome you into our Advanced Dental family.   Before your first visit you will…

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  4. Team Harmony

    What truly sets us head and shoulders above other practices? Our exceptional team! We work harmoniously together to ensure that your experience at our practice…

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  5. Integrity

    We have incredibly high ethical standards, and you’ll quickly notice that during your time with us. We are dedicated to a philosophy of integrity that…

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  6. Uplifting Communities

    A visit to Advanced Dental is an uplifting experience. Tranquil, relaxing, peaceful – are the many ways our practice is described. The atmosphere at our…

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  7. Perfectionism

      Dr. Gambetta is focused on the details in his work. With nearly 30 years of experience in the dental field, he has the skills…

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  8. Excellence

    Dr. Gambetta brings years of knowledge, experience and cutting-edge treatment to his patients. He has earned a reputation for excellence. Our team is also committed…

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  9. Patient Satisfaction

    Our goal is simple: to provide an extraordinary dental experience for you. That means we are dedicated to your satisfaction. Whether we are interacting with…

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  10. Test Page