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Meet the Doctor

​Are you looking for the best painless dentist near you? It’s no surprise that Dr. Gambetta’s name tops the list when people search for the best painless dentist. From the very youngest patient cutting his first tooth, to the very oldest who still has her natural teeth, and everyone in between. Dr. Gambetta treats every patient with the same gentle care and compassion.


Since 2001, when Dr. Miguel Gambetta opened Advanced Dental, he was looking for a way to do what loved and make a difference in people’s lives. What he found was so much more. We didn’t know then how the people we met here would change our lives. Advanced Dental isn’t about us. It’s about you.

It’s about the people we meet every day who inspire us to be our best selves. You are the people who make us want to be more, give more, try harder. We are the recipients of a treasure chest full of stories that delight, strengthen, and challenge us.

We know what you face as you look for trustworthy and reliable dental care and a dentist with integrity. We are as astonished as you are by the lack of attention to detail and to customer service in healthcare. In 2001, we set out to build something different, something better; something worthy of you. We wanted to raise the bar on what dentistry could be. You will notice this difference from your first phone call or email. Our goal is to uplift you while you are a member of our Advanced Dental family or even a member of the human race.

Today, Dr. Gambetta practices as in the same careful, compassionate way he did at the start. As the sole owner and practitioner, he enjoys the freedom to spend as long as necessary on a tough extraction or discussing treatment options with patients. He makes the time to do the job right. He also has the freedom to hire team members who share his values.

Because Dr. Gambetta places such a high priority on relationships, he has trained his team to schedule enough time for each patient to feel heard, cared for, and never rushed. Yet, at the same time, his entire Advanced Dental team works to ensure patients never have to wait long for their appointments. In fact, he will instruct his staff to call patients if he is running behind due to an emergency so that no one has to wait. This is the kind of patient-centric dentistry he would want for himself.

Dr. Gambetta’s philosophy for Advanced Dental is clear: EVERY person we encounter should feel valued, cared for, and uplifted. Whether that person is a long-time patient, a new patient, a delivery person, or a salesperson, each will feel better for having spent time with the team at Advanced Dental. If you’re looking for the best painless dentist near you, look no further.

If you love your dental office now, great! Don’t change. It’s hard to find a healthcare provider you love. Buit if you don’t love your current dental office or if you don’t have one and are looking for the best painless dentist near you with integrity and best-in-class clinical skills, give us a try. We think you’ll be very happily surprised at how uplifting your experience will be. In fact, we are so confident in our work, we offer a guarantee on our dental work. Come. Feel the difference.

Contact us today for an appointment: Advanced Dental, Dyer, IN 219-365-5420, or click the Book Now button to schedule yourself.

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We want to thank you for being the best part of Advanced Dental. From our hearts…thank you.