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Looking for a career as a Hygienist, Patient Care Coordinator, or Dental Assistant? 

Welcome to Advanced Dental. In everything we do, we keep one goal in mind: to uplift each and every person we serve, and that includes YOU. At Advanced Dental, we are raising the bar on what dentistry should be, and we invite you to come feel the difference. Our office is located at 1160 Joliet Street, Suite 203 in the Woudeland Professional Building in the heart of Dyer, Indiana. We’re hiring hygienists, patient care coordinators, and dental assistants. 

We aim to make each patient’s visit to our practice an uplifting experience: tranquil, relaxing, peaceful. Our atmosphere puts patients at ease and our goal is to leave our patients feeling better than they were before they came through our doors. We believe in helping others, having integrity, and through dentistry serving others in our wonderful community.

One of the ways we create an atmosphere of peace is to start with a healthy culture in our workplace. As we engage in emotionally healthy ways of communicating and working together, it is reflected in our attitudes toward all we do and to one another and to our patients. When you walk through our doors, you can sense goodwill among our staff. You can tell that this team enjoys working with one another.

Core Values

Foundational to creating a healthy culture at Advanced Dental is being clear about our 8 Core Values. We take them very seriously. We believe in:

  1. Having fun – love what you do and the people you do it with.
    You deserve to be happy and so do the people around you. If you can’t be happy here, then you should find a place that lights you up.
  2. Creating a Safe Place.
    Commit to an environment where everyone can say whatever they need to say, to whomever they need to say it. To communicate honestly and openly in “the spirit of contribution,” knowing that you will still be in relationship with the person you communicate with. Remember the key is “the spirit of contribution.”
  3. Going to the Source – Redirecting Others to the Source.
    If you have a problem or concern, take it directly and only to the person who can do something about it. If someone comes to you with something you can’t do anything about, redirect them to the person who can. This eliminates gossip, talking behind others’ backs and all the hurt that is associated with communicating inappropriately. This prevents others getting stuck with problems they can’t resolve and it prevents cliques and warring factions that destroy relationships.
  4. Being the Solution and Not the Problem.
    Rather than complaining about something that is not working, focus on what it would take to resolve the issue. Think of and develop solutions.
  5. Coaching and Being Coached.
    BE a thirst for learning and growing. BE a desire to change and constantly improve who you are and what you do. Coaching is a commitment to BEing the best you can possibly BE. A team that will contribute to one another through coaching is unstoppable.
  6. Getting off IT.
    Putting distractions, concerns, and/or upsets aside so that you can be 100% available to focus on patients’ care and well-being. Personal or work-related issues need to be put on the shelf until you can deal with them. In the meantime, patients deserve nothing less than your best.
  7. Respecting Time.
    BE impeccable, BE on time, start on time, make every effort to end on time, make every effort to get patients in on time and out on time, and make every effort to end the day on time. Remember the day is not over for you if others still have work to do. The attitude is “no one is done until we all are done.”
  8. Doing Whatever It Takes.
    Go the extra mile. A team works together and will support each other unconditionally.

Integrity is the hallmark of phenomenal teams. To be able to trust each other and to be able to count on each other makes all the difference in the quality of the team relationship and the development of a healthy culture at work. Giving your word and keeping your word are golden. Be sure that your actions are consistent with your word.

Dr. Gambetta

Dr. Gambetta brings years of knowledge, experience, and cutting-edge treatment to his patients. He has earned a reputation for excellence and is dedicated to a philosophy of integrity that motivates him to consistently work to the best of his abilities. Everyone seems to love Dr. Gambetta and his easygoing manner. He trusts his team to work to their highest potential and to be the professionals he knows they are. He has incredibly high ethical standards, and he expects the same from his team. He leads by example in establishing our healthy culture.

Submit your resume & cover letter

Our well-established family dental practice has been in Dyer since 2001 and is growing by leaps and bounds. Dr. Gambetta can provide all aspects of dentistry, even those that are routinely referred out by most general dentists. We have made a positive impact on our community for over 20 years.

As we expand, we need more skilled team members to serve our patients. We know that a team comes in all sizes and flavors and that one size doesn’t fit all (and that statement goes both ways). If you have the skills we’re looking for, a positive energy, a love for a healthy culture at work, and enjoy a fast-paced, congenial, professional environment, why not drop us a line? We are always interested in meeting professionals looking to advance their Chairside Assistant, Patient Care Coordinator, and Hygienist career.

Here are the requirements you must meet:

  • You have graduated from high school
  • You’re comfortable talking with people
  • You learn quickly on a computer and are capable of maneuvering around a savvy software system.
  • You can think on your feet.
  • You are comfortable in an ever-changing, ever-growing environment
  • You have experience in a dental practice.

If this kind of positive, healthy culture in the workplace really resonates with you, why not drop us a cover letter and resume? We would love to be part of your story as much as you would be a part of ours.

Send your resume to: drgambetta@outlook.com. In the subject line, put the position you’re qualified for:

  • Dental Hygienist
  • Clinical Treatment Assistant
  • Sterilization Technician
  • Patient Care Coordinator/Front Desk/Scheduling & Insurance