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First Visit

Are you scared of the dentist? Here’s what to expect on your first visit to our office.

Congratulations! You’ve made your appointment, which we understand can be a big step for folks who are scared of the dentist. The hardest part is over!

Before Your Visit

Before your first visit, we will email or text you your New Patient Information paperwork. This will provide you with the opportunity to fill it out in the comfort of your own home. If you would prefer to fill out your paperwork at our office, that’s okay too! Just let us know ahead of time.

When You Arrive

Once you arrive, our staff will welcome you to our warm and inviting waiting area and give you a tour. Feel free to browse through our Comfort Menu. Select our complimentary offerings of a warm face towel, a plush blanket, or earplugs if you like. Your friends and family who are waiting for you will enjoy our tea and coffee bar and music requests in our comfortable waiting lounge.

Time For Your Appointment

When your appointment time arrives, one of our chairside assistants will invite you to our treatment area, make you comfortable, and review your health history with you as well as take your blood pressure. She will listen to your concerns, if any. If you did not bring x-rays with you, our staff will take a series of x-rays so that Dr. Gambetta is able to accurately diagnose anything happening below the surface of your teeth.

If you are coming in for a comprehensive exam, the hygienist will examine your mouth looking for decay, gum health, and evidence of oral cancer or gingivitis. She will listen to your concerns and talk with you about oral health, specifically tailored for you. Dr. Gambetta will come in to welcome you and to complete the exam and diagnose any issues he identifies. This process usually takes about 30 minutes for young children and 60 to 70 minutes for adults.

If you are coming in for an emergency exam, Dr. Gambetta will listen to your concerns, examine the issue you are having, and make recommendations for treatment. The two of you will discuss a course of treatment. This process usually takes about 30 minutes.

New patients are often surprised by how gentle Dr. Gambetta is. He graduated from Northwestern University Dental School in 1992, and he has had a lot of experience with scared patients.

Checking Out

Once your exam is complete, your assistant will escort you to the check-out desk where you will plan with our patient care coordinator for any follow-up treatment from cleanings to fillings and beyond. This would be a good time to review insurance information and payment plans, if appropriate. If time allows, it’s not unheard of for patients to stay and complete their treatment then and there.

If you would like to meet the staff and Dr. Gambetta before your first visit and tour our beautiful state-of-the-art office, please let us know. We’d love to have you come in for a meet-and-greet and a tour. We can’t wait to meet you!