Maybe it’s just because I’m a business owner and I’m focused on this stuff, but does anyone else notice it when you get exceptionally great service at a business?  Why is that?  It makes sense that we would note when we get really bad service, and we do, but why is it such an event when someone at a business we patronize is really nice or goes out of his/her way to help us?  Why is that?

I suspect that it’s because it is such a rare event.  Why?  Why do we put up with that?  Why don’t we demand better?  It’s our money, right?  We can take our dollars down the street (usually), right?  Why do some businesses have staff who behave as if they’d rather we didn’t show up; as if they are doing us consumers a favor by serving us?  How did that happen?  How on earth do they stay in business?

At Advanced Dental we are trying to turn the tide on that way of doing business.  Our aim is to treat everyone we encounter just like we would like to be treated.  Usually we do.  Because we’re humans, we sometimes fail, but 99 times out of 100 we get it right.  When we fail we feel really bad and we try harder with the next person we encounter.  Maybe, one person at a time, we can change how people do business.  Maybe if we treat people how we’d like to be treated those people will do the same.

Hmmm…treating people as we’d like to be treated.  Seems like that should be a Rule.