What keeps us from happiness?  We do!  Each day is a gift to enjoy any way we want to.  Even if we are in prison; even if we are in the intensive care ward; even if we are experiencing loss of a loved one, we have the choice to drink in that gift and savor its goodness.

Have you ever thought about what a gift hot and cold running water in the house is?  (Have you ever been camping?  Camping will make one appreciate running water!)  The problem is our expectations.  We expect to have water at our convenience.  It’s only when it isn’t working properly that we notice it.

Can’t we say the same about our cars?  Our spouse?  Our children? Our parents? What about our jobs?  What about our health?  What about the warm sunshine on our faces?  If we stop to notice these things and say a heartfelt, Thank You, God! It would be like realizing we’d won the lottery every moment of every day.

We are the only thing keeping ourselves from happiness.  Happiness is ours to grab; ours to wallow in; ours to enjoy.  Why, then, are so many of us not leaping with unrestrained joy?