Hurry! Hurry!  Is it just that time of year or is it always that way?  I find that when I rush, rush, rush, I enjoy life less.  Is that true for everyone?  How does it happen?  Am I trying to pack too much in to one hour, one day, one week, one year?  What if I just said, “No. I will do less today.”  I’ve tried this and it requires quite a bit of self-discipline.  What happens, though, when I do less, is that I’m less rushed.  When I’m less rushed I can slow down, smell the flowers, and think.  I’m freer to enjoy the moment.

If we’re all rushing around (and I’m making an assumption here that I’m not alone in this behavior) doing, doing, doing, then when do we stop to think and to enjoy?  What are we rushing for?  Does the person who accomplishes the most win?  Is there a prize?

What is our ultimate goal?  I think if people answer this question seriously, happiness and fulfillment would top the list.  Does rushing lead to happiness and fulfillment?  It never has for me.  It leads to a racing heart, increased blood pressure, increased stress, impatience, and general crabbiness.

For the past five months I’ve made a deliberate and concerted effort to stop rushing.  I realized all the negativity I was inviting into my life by rushing and I said, “No more.”  What’s the worst that could happen if I don’t rush?  I’ll be a little late?  Okay. That’s not something I like, but I would rather arrive a little late and happy (and alive!) than on-time and nervous, agitated, and grumpy.  Do you know what I’ve found?  As crazy as it sounds, even though I don’t rush, I still almost always arrive on time!  Sometimes it’s because I deliberately choose to leave out an errand or two (they all end up getting done), and sometimes it’s just the way the traffic or the universe is flowing that day.  I can’t really explain it.

What I can say, though, is that ever since I stopped rushing around, I’ve been more peaceful, less stressed, and happier.  Give it a try.  Breathe.  Slow down.  Slow down.