Sometimes when I’m brushing my teeth before bed I think, “Wow, it feels like I just did this.”  It’s true.  As we age, the days feel like they are rolling by faster.  Sometimes I wonder what happened to the day.  Do you ever feel like that?

Then I wonder what I did during the day.  Was I just a slave to my schedule?  Did I do anything that really mattered?  Did I make a difference?  Or was I just taking up space today?

(Now, I realize that I matter to my family and friends, of course, but I’m talking about something bigger.)

Did I do something today that made the world a better place?  How about just my corner of it?  Did I impact one person?  Did I make a difference?  Was I a blessing to someone today or was I just a liability?

When I’m really on my game, I remember this in the morning and not just before I go to sleep.  When I do, I feel energized.  I feel like there is a whole day full of opportunities to make a difference today. The world is my oyster!  I can be a blessing to someone today!  I can end this day leaving the world a better place than when I woke up.

When I think about this, I think about what Dr. Gambetta says at the end of every morning staff huddle before we see patients.  He says, “Let’s get this corner of the world healthy today!”  It really takes on a new meaning when I think about it terms of making a difference today.

How about you?  What will you do today to make this world a better place?