What is so appealing about it?  Why do so many of us do it?  Is it that there is so much to distract us that nearly everything would be better than this thing I really need to be doing?  Is it like, as a kid, waiting to eat your peas until there is nothing else left on your plate and no way to hide?  Are we hoping that whatever-it-is-we-are-avoiding will magically disappear if we ignore it long enough?  I am!  The funny thing, though, is that it rarely does.

Frequently, though not always, I find that whatever I’ve been putting off and dreading is actually not as painful or unpleasant as I’d imagined.  I nearly always feel better once it’s done and I can check it off my list.

I find that procrastination is a bad habit like any other.  I can easily fall into it, but in order to avoid it, I have to frequently flex that muscle of do-the-hard-things-first-and-don’t-put-them-off.  Like exercise, though, I can oftentimes find 101 other things that are clamoring for my attention and I do them first.  Like exercise, though, it takes discipline and diligence to see results.  I guess I’d better get started.