Why do we buy?  There are so many reasons, if we want to be thorough, but primarily, I think we buy things to solve a problem.  The problem may be that we need food, that we need clothing, that we need transportation, that we need medical care.  It may, of course, be that we need a gift for someone or that we need a pick-me-up.  Perhaps we need to maintain the items we’ve already bought or that we already own, such as an oil change for the car or a haircut.  No matter the reason, we all buy things.  We also usually have a choice about where we buy.  That choice is the crux of it all for a business owner.

Why do we choose where we buy?  It may be habit, convenience, quality, price, loyalty, confidence in the product or provider.  Business owners know this and they use this as leverage in your purchase decision.  If they can operate by offering the lowest price, that is how they market themselves.  If they can operate by being the most convenient to buyers, then that is what they will focus on.

At Advanced Dental we promote ourselves in a few ways.  We know our patients have confidence in us and in the quality of our dental care and treatment.  We stake our reputation on that.  Our prices are competitive, neither higher nor lower than the average for our area; we have lots of hours that are convenient, but we aren’t open 24/7.  We have a practice full of loyal patients and we work hard to earn and maintain that loyalty and trust.

Our job is to uplift everyone we encounter, whether they are customers, or whether they will never be customers, for example: that sales person calling from California.  Our job is to uplift everyone.  When we lift up others, we can’t help but lift up ourselves in the process.  It feels good to make others feel good.  We think our patients can feel that and we think that’s one reason why they continue to choose us.