error message

I’m really lucky.  In my family, we have doctors, a dentist, a waitress, a nurse, a personal trainer, a lawyer, an IT guru, teachers.  These are my go-to people when I have a medical or dental question or if I have a question about chemistry or why my printer isn’t printing.  Is this something serious I should have checked out or is this something normal?  I’ve “gotta guy.”  So lucky!

What I don’t have in my family is an investment advisor, an auto mechanic, a politician, an athletic coach, a builder, an accountant, an airline or travel specialist, a landscaper, or a clergy person.  Other people do, and they are lucky too.  We all have someone in our lives who is the person we go to when we really need the best advice about some issue that’s come up.  Someone we trust to help us out and steer us in the right direction.  Someone we go to before we hit the Yellow Pages or do a Google search.

As one of our patients at Advanced Dental, you have “gotta guy” in dental.  When you have a question or a concern; when you wonder if you need to have something checked out; when you want to verify something crazy you read on the internet about how flossing will cause global warming, you call us.  You are part of our family.  You know you can call Dr. Gambetta when you need the best dental advice from someone you can trust.

He may not be able to give you tax advice or tell you what the error message on your computer means, but when you want reassurance about a dental issue, you’ve gotta guy!